magnetU's new profile API for developers

Due to requests of developers to open magnetU for development of various applica-
tions, we have decided to create an API to allow developers creating new magnetU
applications, very easy and fast.
The already implemented communication method magnetU provides, allows devel-
opers to develop applications which require mobile wireless radio communication,
easy and very fast.
For magnetU every profile that users ‘wear’ is actually an application. For example a
profile form that is focused on social – is used for social applications, business
matches profile is to be used by business people, dating profile – to be ‘wear’ by
users willing to date, etc. Thus a profile form is an actual application.
Designing/developing a profile is easy and fast and does not require understanding
of the magnetU’s social matches, cheers or magnetU’s dynamic network of proximity
™ (“pass it on” network of proximity) communication layers.

We are currently working on opening the magnetU website to allow development of
new profiles, simple and fast. You wouldn’t need to actually develop an application,
but a profile form that due to the magnetU technology way of working, your new
created profile is actually an application which can be used by people in the real
world. You can develop different type of profiles, thus representing various types of

Your new profile application on magnetU's online shop

We may put developer magnetU profile applications on “magnetU’s application profiles store” for download by magnetU users.

We are currently getting requests from developers who wish to be the first to create new application profiles. If you are interested in
being one of the first to develop and offer a new magnetU profile and experience the beta API, contact us at